Our 40 years


2017 is very special for us!

André, Barbosa & HR Consulting celebrates its 40 years with many reasons to commemorate!

In 1977 Barbosa, our founding partner, decided to take a very important career and life step. At the time when he was still working in a HR Consulting that operated on a R&S massive model he decided to follow his own intuition and make the difficult decision to become an entrepreneur. After all it was the 1970s in Brazil and how would a young man leave a promising career in a solid and multinational company to such venture? This question took place in several moments of his work and his response was to envision a different and innovative business for the time: an Exclusive Boutique Consulting, that would serve only good clients in a customized way following his own values and culture. He then became one of the pioneering Headhunters in opening this type of business in the local market and act solo for a long time.

For one to take such career resolution like this may be shocking and difficult. His did not come free of questioning or difficulties. But his own decision came with the certainty that he was at the right time to take the risk, change and build a legacy.

It has been 40 years since he has successfully undergone this powerful career transformation and has helped many people transform their own stories and clients to meet exceptional people and professionals.

Andre, Barbosa Consulting grew up in a Brazil of 6 different currencies, more than 8 distinct economic plans and economic fluctuations and glaring state policies. But we have not lost our focus. We remain here observing that in a current universe as full of challenges as diverse connectivity and technology we still follow the principles and values ​​of Attention, Respect and Integrity with and for people. This delicate look at the ‘person’, client and professional remains a differential.

It is also worth mentioning that in our 40 years of existence we have had valuable partners, Consultants who have helped us in crucial moments and Assistants who have always supported us very much.

Above all, we have had and continue to have projects and clients that rely on our genuine way of serving.   



In the words of Customers, Friends and Partners

"Barbosa, congratulations for the 40 years of professionalism and quality, which throughout the day made the difference in the market!"

Adriana Rillo (Corporate Director of HR and Communication - Saint Gobain - São Paulo  - Jun/ 17’)  

"40 years of brilliance! Barbosa is a talented, dedicated and profound knower of the outstanding characteristics that determine and differentiate the good professionals.

Yes, the Barbosa has always had the "Magic Touch" to search, select, guide and follow the talents in all business segments. His trajectory contributes greatly to the progress and enhancement of business in Brazil. Under the baton of the master, professionals were always directed to the activities for which they had talent and potential to be successful, also contributing to the development of organizations.

Congratulations Barbosa!  For 40 years of integrity, transparency, dedication. You have been and are the school for many who have had the happiness of knowing you. "

Antônio Carlos Silva (HR Vice President - Colgate Palmolive - São Paulo - Jun / 17’)

"In my professional career, I have met some people who have given me the chance to see opportunities and to grow professionally and personally. Barbosa is one of these people and a privileged executive, with a differentiated vision of the business, which greatly contributes from the Human Resources point of view.  I have worked in numerous projects along Barbosa, all performed with amazing quality, execution in the correct time and excellent partnership. Congratulations for 40 years of consulting and hoping is lasts much more, Human Resources need professionals like you. Thank you for everything." 

Daniel Arouca (HR Director - Colgate Palmolive - Mexico - Jun / 17’)  

"Working with Barbosa and team is always a great experience. Seniority and competence to find the best professionals in the market, in addition to a unique partnership! Congratulations on your 40 years, and many others come together and very successful. "

Fabiana Marquez (HR Manager Castrol - Barueri - Jun / 17)

"I met André Barbosa in 1999 when I joined a process and joined Mondelez (Kraft Foods). Since then, I have built a career that I am proud of and have been in contact with him as a counsellor and client, taking advantage of their experience in identifying candidates for Strategic Institutions. The great differential of Barbosa is his ability to identify the potential of people and where they best fit using his sensitivity and experience and not only interviewing 'by the book'. There are very few people who can see through the candidate and their theoretical answers. Often it is not enough to be good, you have to be in the right place, at the right time and meet a certain person and I am glad to have met Barbosa at the beginning of my journey. "  Fabio Klopotowski (Marketing Professional, Melbourne, Australia - June / 17’)

"A personal and professional reference, Barbosa has the character as an example to be followed. His work differential lies in the long-term relationship his consulting establishes. He's the real-life ‘Jerry Maguire’, works for pleasure and love for what he does, the rest and consequence.”

Fábio Letieri (HR Commercial Vice President - Nestlé Purina Petcare / Saint Louis - USA / Jun / 17)

"I consider André Barbosa a highly differentiated and unique professional in the high-level talent search market, with a very special characteristic in always seeking a win-win result for both sides. It's also great at identifying future talent for companies. "

Fausto Costa (President of Nestlé – Caracas, Venezuela - Jun / 17’) 

"Talking about André Barbosa Consulting ... is talking about ethics, partnership, professionalism, flexibility and, above all, respect for people!!! Talking about Barbosa.... is talking about learning, courage, experience, dynamism, good mood, friendship and above all joy. The whole of it all is the result of 40 years of success and the certainty that many other years will come! Barbosa, congratulations! Thank you for the excellent work that we delivered together. It is a great pleasure to be a part of this moment and to be able to describe a little bit of this very special work that you are developing. "

Juliana Frederico (Manager at Truster Brasil - São Paulo - Jun / 17)

"It was my first experience with a Headhunter.... Andre (Barbosa, for many!) Led the process that took me out of Unilever and took me to Kraft. I remember it as if it was today, but it was actually July. 1997! Since then a lot has changed, Thais became part of the team and I was developing my career, but keeping André to help me in the transitions....  They were always good lunches! May all these years have passed but the respect and admiration for a highly professional work and such a great human being as Barbosa remains the same.” Luciane Matiello (Head of Marketing - Bunge - São Paulo - Jun / 17’)     "Working with André Barbosa, Consulting is a privilege and an alliance made to last. His genuine interest in knowing the client's business, building a project together, and deep market knowledge makes discussions always challenging. The passion for what he does and the belief that human capital makes all the difference in an organization generate insights and permeate the work from beginning to end, with results that surpass expectations. The security of being one team. "   Patrícia Ansarah (HR Professional - São Paulo - Jun / 17)

"I've known Andre Barbosa for twenty-two years and I've been lucky to be his candidate and client as well. Hard to know what I admire most about him. Maybe his ability to form a Headhunter like Thais, as competent and ethical as he. Perhaps his ability to analyse and conduct projects in very complex scenarios. Maybe his generosity in teaching me how to be more patient and flexible. A certainty I have: I will always be welcomed with seriousness, respect and competence. I leave here my gratitude for being part of this story. " 

Simone Fredericci Lasagno (Career Consultant - São Paulo - Jun / 17)