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What are Human Resources Services?

Some people still find it complicated to differentiate some Services/terminology related to Human Resources. As for that, we decided to share some basic information to answer some of these questions. Please note that these are GENERAL considerations not accurate definitions. Our aim here is to help people to differentiate some of the proper meaning to HR’s vocabulary.

  • Employment Agencies – These are companies providing services to both professionals and industries/corporations. Generally they operate in a massive model, recruiting personnel via Internet, or self-signing material. Not a long time ago these massive agencies were accessed by the companies to hire huge contingents to work at factories or even basic services. Nowadays these agencies have either vanished or modernized their services and methods but are still related to massive hiring or to recruitment support contracts, not to a specialized service. The processes held by these companies are generally well structured. The fee for using this specific service is generally paid by the companies, being that in some cases the candidate may pay for applying for a job-post.
  • Online/Offline Jobsite Agencies – Companies operating via traditional media or by Internet providing means for both persons/companies finding CV’s without a formal recruitment process. The fee for using this specific service can be paid by the candidate (if seeking a job-post) or by the companies using these agencies to recruit for them. Since the contact can literally be a virtual one, we suggest people intending to use these services to check references and aptness previously.
  •  Human Resources Consultancies – These are companies dedicated to provide services related to the HR area or to the people’s talent management. These services are of a wide range covering psychological tests, Assessment’s Programs or any other type of useful resource to help organizations to enhance their personnel’s performance. These companies are normally structured to support customers in a tailored way, offering services that will truly help the organization to develop their Human Resources.
  • Executive Search or Headhunting Companies – These businesses are designed to help Industries or other Companies (Services, NGO’s, etc.) to seek and allocate talented professionals. The operating companies in this field can vary its range of services, being set as big business worldwide or even small boutique consultancies managed locally. These Consultancies only charge fees for the services paid by the company undertaking the services, never charging the professionals.
  • Outplacement Consultancies – In diverse moments of the economy or some specific business related cycle; there is the need of dismissing personnel. There are some third-parties companies that can be hired to help the organization during this process and most importantly, the persons being let go. These companies can also serve to the professionals to let them reorganize their future career steps. This service is very specific and must be dotted by professionalism and serious focus since it deals with an important and tough moment of the professional’s life. For the ones seeking this type of service (both Organization and Professional) we recommend rigor and care while choosing the services-provider. It’s clearly necessary to search for positive references and aptness since the natural business balance will guarantee provider-contractors a safe choice for the professional’s cares.
  • Assessment – This activity is developed throughout a wide range of tests and other tools to help professionals to understand where they stand at a certain career moment and to draw pointers of knowledge, competencies and personal/technical characteristics. The Assessment process works better when targeted to a functional area or position and to enhance a self-perception of the professional taking it in order to improve the career success and personal development.
  • Coach and Coaching   – Being an activity of a widespread concept, the Coaching process is now used in the job market to refer to any kind of guidance of career development or personal improvement on a certain technique. For the Human Resources area the Coaching process is valued when a professional needs to evolve functionally and technically and enhance their potential of growth within a certain position and/or towards a next step. A really trustable and transformational Coaching process is set to last at least 6 to 8 months, there is no in between. The Coach is the “guide” to the “coachee” who is going to perform the transformation process.
  • MENTOR – A career counsellor. In some organizations there is a structured process of mentoring in which formal career conversations and counselling take place in between senior and top managerial level and mid-tier professionals. These talking take place each 4 to 5 months in order to help people to enhance a required competence or develop a certain process that they have never experienced before. There are also Mentors that anyone can have that work elsewhere but constitute in a Senior person with profound business knowledge to help anyone guide themselves during their career. The best benefit to the Mentee to have a Mentor is the fact that one can stress out concerns without feeling prejudged and also talk about alternate career moves.

A general orientation we give for any use of Human Resources Services: in this field it is not only necessary important to look for references of services but also mandatory verifying how people who have used these services previously were treated like. No matter what services the providers are hired for, it is always important to remember that the purpose is to offer quality to and for the Human Resources.