Set up a competitive résumé


A Curriculum Vitae or Résumé is an official document reporting relevant, truthful and accountable data about your professional, academic and personal life. Therefore it is extremely important to write it with upmost attention.

All data inserted may be checked during an eventual Recruitment Process you might be participating and that is why complete accuracy is mandatory. Should any data inconsistency be found in your Résumé you could be considered out of a Recruiting or Selection Process. Being that stated, try to elaborate a material that is:

  • Coherent with your life and professional historic. The current recommendation is that this material doesn’t surpass 2 to 3 pages.
  • Well-written, bilingual.
  • Be assertive with dates (Under-Grad, Graduation and Post-Graduation Courses/ Language Courses/ Technical Courses etc...)
  • Briefly state your status. A general observation is that in your Résumé, besides the personal data there should be the following information: Professional Objective, Education Data, Abilities and Competencies, Professional Historic, Languages/Courses and Extra Data (Hobbies, Social Activities, etc…). We do suggest you state some of the most important projects you have participated or endeavoured bringing figures or results that can easily be checked in the market.
  • As this is the material that will first introduce you to the job-market, it is important that you dedicate time to structure it properly. There is no ideal format, but the most objective you are the best. Count on your originality to generate an exclusive model.
  • Keep your Résumé always up-to-date. Information change continuously and you never know when you can be assessed by a Headhunter!